God never calls a man without making a provision for that call. He also doesn’t call a man to be kept. He calls men and send them to put as voices. He sends them with gifts and talents that will be used for the nations. One of the men that God has called and placed a gift upon has blessed us with a song “Jah Grace”. Here’s more about the song.

Question:Can we know you sir?
Answer: My name is Ibrahim David Gajere, popularly known as Ibi Dave. I am a married man with two children.I am a music minister from Gombe State.

Question:How long have you been in the music ministry?
Answer: Well, music has been residing in me since childhood. I have been in the ministry since the age of 8, when I joined up with the church choir.

Question:So when did your music career started properly?
Answer: I started music properly when I joined a music group from secondary school where I ministered in programs. Then I registered with a music school in Bauchi.

Question:I believe you have a lot of songs that are in the ears of many congregation. One of your songs is “Jah Grace”. What is the inspiration behind the song?
Answer:Jah Grace is the title of one of my albums and it happened to be one of the songs in the album. I got the inspiration of the song when I sat down to reminisce on the goodness of God upon my life and my family. His protection, His provision, His favor and grace that have been sufficient for me has captured my heart and the song began to flow.

Question:Why “Jah” and not “God”?
Answer:Simply Jah is the Short form of Jehovah. And you know that The Jamaicans use the reggae language I especially their reggae songs.

Question: Do you play other patterns of music or is it strictly Raggae?
Answer:There are no restrictions to the patterns of music that I sing. It’s just that people get blessed when I do reggae . I remember that I ministered in reggae while growing up and it became a strength for me, because of the numerous testimonies that came from it. Aside Reggae, I have songs produced in other patterns.

Question: Are there challenges with the music ministry? I mean, do have any challenges?
Answer: Every sphere of life is full of challenges and the Music Ministry is not left out. You know, my first few albums have been challenging, in the aspect of financing and other logistics. But things get better by the day.

Question:So are we expecting another song from you?
Answer: Yes, I am working on another album. It will be out in no distant time.

Question:What are your advice to the upcoming music ministers and the youth at large?
Answer: I always will tell people that Diligence pays. I mean, hardwork and diligence put together produces greatness. Now, to every reader, I would say that Seek God diligently, never give up on life because it is a gradual process. Keep keeping on!

Question:How can the readers contact you?
Answer: I am on Facebook as Ibi Dave

When we hear the story of men called by God, we get encouraged to go miles into the deposits upon our lives. The best a life can do is to submit to the totality of God, to become a vessel fit for the Master’s use.