Author: Ruth Batangu


They say happiness is a choice. It’s not that simple. Do they think I chose to be this way? Every day is another battle that I can’t win, every breath is so painful that I just want to give up and give in.

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Walk your talk.. (One step at a time)

Music has helped me close that gap by forcing me to walk my talk. I’m far from perfect. Like everyone, I make mistakes and often fail to live up to the things I consider important. But writing has made it easier to stay consistent with those values instead of falling into excuses.

Progress, Not Perfection
Imperfections are part of life. I think it’s sad that some people feel that because being perfectly consistent with your values is impossible, that there is no point trying to debug the inconsistencies. Some self-improvement cynicism is the result of demanding the impossible, expecting perfection instead of progress.

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“I wanted the pain to end; it seemed like forever being down there. But then suddenly a bright light appeared above me, I was filled with a feeling of warmth and a sense that everything would be okay. I believe that the hand of God reached out and pulled me from that pit. I was then in a presence of an Angel, such a beautiful being! They then said that I had to go back, but it would be painful and the recovery process would be long.

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