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Fashion and its Craze Score 78%

Fashion and its Craze

The popular convention out there is that fashion is merely what’s trending, what has the widest usage or acceptance or what is largely embraced, in real sense, fashion is actually about style, specificity and newness. Hence, when the numerated are mentioned, one shouldn’t be eager to distinguish fashion by how much of nudity is portrayed, because that is simply obscenity, since at the very core of fashion is uniqueness and not a vulgar display of body frames and forms

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Christmas Toast: Simple Things

It is that time of the year when the entire substructure of man’s affairs yield to the formative outcomes of a season. A season of unique intentions, giftings, travel, routine purchases and a wild craze for new clothes.

It is that season which man has carefully doted to satisfy his desire for feastings. A season that often neglects the reason, because somehow man has replaced the essential with idols, things that supposedly speak of the reason, or better put, things we have made the season about.

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“I wanted the pain to end; it seemed like forever being down there. But then suddenly a bright light appeared above me, I was filled with a feeling of warmth and a sense that everything would be okay. I believe that the hand of God reached out and pulled me from that pit. I was then in a presence of an Angel, such a beautiful being! They then said that I had to go back, but it would be painful and the recovery process would be long.

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One on One with God Score 89%

One on One with God

“Phoebe, where do you want to do your mandatory youth service?” Asked one of the room mate as they chatted and where preparing to retire to bed one evening on the campus. “Anywhere” replied Phoebe. “What do you mean ‘anywhere’?” What if you’re posted to one of those volatile places, will you go? Phoebe calmly replied that she would go wherever God directed her. The roommate climed her bed in disgust, hissing. “God forbid!”

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