Category: A BETTER YOU

I want to free Score 80%

I want to free

Don’t let my brothers and sisters bloodshed be in vain
No more should they be in pain
You’ll find us marching through the streets yelling “Black Lives Matter!” because we don’t know where it will end

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Mercy Score 80%


We have loved those we had their love, not those who deserve, but family…
and loves of our lives
Our fiances, whom we think we won over by our advances, since some turned down our proposals…so we think we need no interference

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Depression Score 75%


They say happiness is a choice. It’s not that simple. Do they think I chose to be this way? Every day is another battle that I can’t win, every breath is so painful that I just want to give up and give in.

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Fashion and its Craze Score 78%

Fashion and its Craze

The popular convention out there is that fashion is merely what’s trending, what has the widest usage or acceptance or what is largely embraced, in real sense, fashion is actually about style, specificity and newness. Hence, when the numerated are mentioned, one shouldn’t be eager to distinguish fashion by how much of nudity is portrayed, because that is simply obscenity, since at the very core of fashion is uniqueness and not a vulgar display of body frames and forms

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