It is that time of the year when the entire substructure of man’s affairs yield to the formative outcomes of a season. A season of unique intentions, giftings, travel, routine purchases and a wild craze for new clothes.

It is that season which man has carefully doted to satisfy his desire for feastings. A season that often neglects the reason, because somehow man has replaced the essential with idols, things that supposedly speak of the reason, or better put, things we have made the season about.

Today, we exalt and trouble ourselves a lot about the symbols of Christmas that we forget the real reason for the season. We worry about the presence of a Christmas tree, sometimes even its height can be a matter, the Christmas lights, Santa Claus (Father Christmas), Christmas colours, Christmas clothes which must be new, the Mistletoe and other assessories.


Friends, there is no other way of putting this, except to call them as they are “Christmas idols”, carefully thought & fashioned for gainful merchandising. American for instance is known widely for this, they consider the season as an opportunity to make big sales and close on big deals. That’s why it is even considered a “holiday season”. Sadly, Christmas in our homes today has been reduced to a traditional festival rather than a spiritual experience, as expectations are simply cued alongside what to wear, where to travel to, what to buy and a whole lot of burdens.

Please don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those items I mentioned, but when we use it to overlap the true and realest reason for Christmas especially in the heart of the little ones, it becomes not just bad but abominable. Jesus MUST be emphasized far and above all else. Because without Him there wouldn’t have been a reason to celebrate. As such, let us return to simple things.

Let us make Christmas affordable not too pricy. Let us tell people about this Jesus and His love for them, let us share in common, put a smile on someone’s face, let us visit others and exemplify this love. Let us not encumber our minds with feeble demands of convention, because people are frantic about acquiring and meeting up with the norms, doesn’t mean we are obligated to do likewise.


We must consciously inform our wards about what Christmas is and should be. We must introduce them to simple deeds of love, sacrifice and compassion. Friends, there is no sugar coating this, we are making Christmas too expensive, so much that others who don’t have it like us, feel they are not really celebrating it right.

That’s why the Spirit calls us back to simple things, not to lofty purchases alone; He calls us to acts of charitable consequence not self glorification, to deeds of selflessness, compassion and wilful sacrifice. He calls us to joyful evangelism, thoughtful acts of service and a lot more. Without anymore, my family and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Our newest addition, Jemuel specially Celebrates you all. God bless, keep and stay your endeavours.