Stay up

Going up and staying up
What do people fear
Most people are not afraid of going up,infact it’s their wish
But many are afraid of staying up and I guess it is because of the hardworking it entails.
Most First class students, salesman and straight A high school students are not afraid of getting A’s or sales
But the fear they are afraid to hear is the fear of losing an A or a customer.
My apologies, but I once Wondered why the big show was one of the weakest wrestler in WwE
And then I discovered that he was weak because when he goes down he stays down
Life is stratified, like a staircase it is full of steps some you just step over and some you have to leap over.
Life can get so unfriendly and like gravity it tries to pull all our activities and keep us down
But great men are those men who went into the den of struggles
Ran through the wind of life troubles
And jumped when life set a bump in the way.
Most great men never had great beginning but great ending.
Because the obstacles didn’t stop them it made stronger.
While abnormal people do great feats is because they learn to Adjust the Beauty of their Normality
–It sucks to be normal—–

So what I am saying is that
Great men saw hope when there was no chance to cope
Great men saw hope when life pushed them down the slope
Jesus was rejected by his people
David was forgotten by his parents
Dorniden fell 200m away from the finish line but still came first in the race
Ben Carson flunked and flunked till he became a flunk
Thomas Edison failed so many times
Einstein was never a good student
So where is the hope,
the hope is in the God who shed his blood on the cross
To stop the devil from being a boss in our lives
The hope is in the one who;
Turned an angry killer like moses to a dedicated leader
Turned a useless harlot like Magdalene to God’s greatest zealot
Turned an unholy jephtah to a Godly chieftain
Turned an adulterer like David to a worshipper.
.So I believe in that hope,Yeah I DO
So I don’t care if you keep failing and falling
Just know no one’s counting
I don’t care if you keep stumbling
Just know no one cares,they only care when you celebrate and jubilate
Because on the ground they are MICE,LICE and FLEAS
That will only make you rust and try to wear and tear your future.
He sent his son down that we may go up
He saved us from our sentence
By sending his son to take our place
That in his place we may have grace and be saved from disgrace.
God can still raise you up even if you’ve lost the top
God can give you a name even if you are a maid
God can restore your dignity even if you’ve lost your virginity
God can still give you hope even if you are doped
You can still be exalted even if you have aborted
God can give why don’t you receive.