“Phoebe, where do you want to do your mandatory youth service?” Asked one of the room mate as they chatted and where preparing to retire to bed one evening on the campus. “Anywhere” replied Phoebe. “What do you mean ‘anywhere’?” What if you’re posted to one of those volatile places, will you go? Phoebe calmly replied that she would go wherever God directed her. The roommate climed her bed in disgust, hissing. “God forbid!”


When the posting was eventually realeased, Phoebe was sent to one of those areas considered volatile. A concerned relation phoned and asked her to come to the capital city so she should lobby a change of posting for her: but Phoebe didn’t even give it a thought, she proceeded to the official location right away. And at the end of the orientation exercise, she was deployed to a very remote part of the area for her primary assignment. She promptly reported at the place. But to her surprise, she was not accepted there, that was the beginning of her hopping from one place to another, looking for where to serve in that locality.

For well over six weeks, when other corps members had settle down and had started earning their monthly stipends , Phoebe was still busy combining the community seeking where her service would be accepted. Amidst all this, she would wonder once in a while, like Asaph in psalm 73 how some of her school mate who didn’t even pretend to love God, let alone serve Him on the campus, were able to settle down quickly. But then she would encourage herself, knowing somehow that her resolve to trust God in all things and allow Him choose for her was being tested severely. She determined to wait on the Lord believing firmly that after the test, there would be the triumph and afterwards I will he testimony. She was very sure that whosoever put his trust in the Lord would never be put to shame.

And truly, at the very first place she went to  when she returned to that community after a weekend at home, she was given the much awaited acceptance letter. In addition, she was offered and allowance in lieu of transport and accommodation, which was five times more than her regular allowance. Within a short time, she was able to recover the lost period many times over, both her short term and long term benefits. Her trust in the Lord God of heaven had paid off in the end!

Continuation of the story  is in my Maiden Book ” ONE ON ONE WITH GOD.