JUST HAVE MERCY-spoken word

What is mercy? That’s what we have to ask ourselves and see
If our actions measure up to that, from which we are slowly drifting
Away from like the drift of the sea ,mercy, see the sea at wee hours and feel like
At least it seems better for some than some rich but war -torn nation
In the same corner of the world just to say

Then it seems you know mercy, but no, you have no mercy, for if you had it
It would fill your actions and you could feel it with no option but be still
Acting in full motion and swing, you would get no Objection nor rejection,untill him who is above the hills rewards your actions with passion, you just ought to have mercy

I used to love and get rejection instead, until I came to that true love comes from the one above
Say am getting off the motion, but no, am not, for love and mercy are one yet not the same
One in the sense that you can’t love the one above and hate the one you serve
If you love the one you serve, then you will serve with love and verve ,mercy
Service to a neighbor in need indeed God will reward your deeds

The difference is the same, you can have fame in matters love but all the same
Wait for the day when shame will befall you,when the lame, Poor God let me not name
Shall come to you and claim before Him who knows no sin, that you had no love for them
That’s the time you’ll that mad and insane share a meaning, but are not the same
It sounds the same but that’s the difference, love and mercy can sometimes not be the same, so watch your game

Hope you got what the Pope had about mercy, mercy, let’s have mercy as God
The Pope had hope that we shall stop being selfish and fighting for our own bellies but help
The needy and…..nope we shall not forget the sick and the elderly as we both seek the awaited kingdom
His hopes the Pope can’t be in vain with the pain he has endured to regain the effect of the virtue… mercy
An example he has been and even… declared a year of the same, who are we then, not to follow suit… who are we then just to sit, eat and meet at such a time
I’d be like what the f…un is in all these. when one is in our need, I’d bid that you give heed and change before you exchange …positions and see it as revenge from God, but maybe not… things just change and you too should…just have mercy

Let’s be merciful for our father is full of mercy
His knows no bounds and we are bound to think he doesn’t count
His mercy surpasses our understanding, as we are dancing in some
Corner of the world enjoying his favour, He is busy thinking and banking on us to do it to others
We just can’t focus on us and us alone… like God for us and man on his own
No, we have to disown this and ask Him… to just have mercy

We have loved those we had their love, not those who deserve, but family…
and loves of our lives
Our fiances, whom we think we won over by our advances, since some turned down our proposals…so we think we need no interference
You are wrong, no man is an island, even if you are on a high land, you’ll need a helping hand
On your way down the level land

You can’t claim you have mercy, when you only love Mercy who has been by you all along
You have Mercy, she’s cute, but you have no mercy, understood?
Just try and do a simple thing to a simple person, sacrifice a little, that’s all you need ,so simple
And that’s mercy… close your eyes and a moment and say a simple comment
“Thanks God for all…. Grant me mercy ”

His mercy made him die for our sins.