Why is your heart bowed oh my soul, arise and let the light of His glory make light your weight; let His perfect fingers bring you into mold, for when the fog lay wait to overtake you; when darkness lurk to devour you; when doubt tear through to startle you, then be easy, for when your trick hat comes empty, He will surface to flatten every bending course.

For the coldness in your feet is not the design of His tranny but the warmth of His love; the frown on your cheek is not the trademark of His denial but the scar of our haste; the famine in your pockets is not a relic of His inability, but the tenderness of His salvation.


The passing away of a loved one is not the lash of His anger, but the graciousness of His mercy; the continual rejection hurled at you is not a makeup of His autonomy but the identity of His personage; the sores on your side and the miscarriage of your dreams is not the intent of His followership but the invite of His power.

The long silence overtime is not a spectacle of His awesomeness, but keepsakes for His heart; the sudden hollowness is not His brindle in your mouth, but His compassion in your strides; the sweat in your palm is not His scrutiny of your conscience but a wakeful nuance for your Spirit.

The dry field and falling grains is not a herald of His supremacy, but the trying of our faith; the screams of war on our borders is not the assemblage of His vengeance but the rise of His deliverance; the sight of flying shells is not the intrusion of His counsel, but the redress of our greed.


Friends, whenever the journey gets tough and the sojourn chaotic; whenever the clouds thickens and the thunder strikes, be rest assured He turns the seasons and beacons the sunshine, so whenever your hands grow tired and your mind spread vague; whenever your options fail and your transport is lost, be at peace, for nothing takes Him unawares.

In the fires of penury; trust Him: in the storm of doubt; believe Him: in the cloud of bitterness; recoil in His mercy: in the wreckage of time and age; let Him: in the crossroads of decision: listen to Him: in the perils of daunting magnitude; obey Him: for He is your deliverer and captain through all the rumblings of life.