The popular convention out there is that fashion is merely what’s trending, what has the widest usage or acceptance or what is largely embraced, in real sense, fashion is actually about style, specificity and newness. Hence, when the numerated are mentioned, one shouldn’t be eager to distinguish fashion by how much of nudity is portrayed, because that is simply obscenity, since at the very core of fashion is uniqueness and not a vulgar display of body frames and forms.

Fashion therefore should be guided with a mature sense of propriety and appreciable moderation. It should be routed to impress upon values that seek to improve people’s orientation of what true dress sense is about and what it really entails. As such, dragging this wow phenomenon off track to pleasure individualistically grown passions is a wrong call as it has the potency to wrought a destruction worst than a hurricane.


Fashion today is engraved on our minds like the very traditions that tended our minds while we found our feet and our rhythm in God. It has become as strong as a religious practice, little wonder, its paths are littered with casualties that were fed its dross and not its morals. What we ought to advocate then is for its fans to do it well and do it right. Moreover, instead of struggling to look like another person or wear what they wear, resolve to blaze your own path in order, with simplicity and life. Push to break the barriers of falsehood and pretense, so that many who are already victims and captives can be set free. For the world is no doubt spinning out of control and at the front, is this imitation of the real.

My brother and sister, looking beautiful or fashionable has nothing in common with being nude or offensive. The world in fact has told us a lie. It glorifies the nude and make they sudden idols all around us, in magazines, on TV, on print media while downplaying the ideal etc. But I beg to disagree with this phony drama that seeks only to ambush what is right. Thus fashion most sincerely, is in dire need of an overhaul and on that note, I call on all tailors, image managers/consultants, fashion designers etc. to partner with the Holy Spirit as we bring light to this world, which is what it so desperately needs. As a close, this call is not made to demean anyone but to invite us to collective responsibility as the world does need the heavenly style and flair which bears a contagious variety coupled to reorient the systems of this world.

Friends, the choice therefore is yours, as to whether you are going to ease up on the fashion craze and send someone on a detour or keep rocking harder than ever, the vessel of this mega apocalypse? Selah!