*Building a culture of His presence*

By: Rev. Hyeladi Mshelia

The immature have to stay in crisis to stay committed.

Prayer is not what you do when you are in trouble, prayer is what you sustain as a lifestyle. The circumstances of your life do not necessarily determine your entrance into God’s presence. God’s presence is what you sustain as a habit regardless of the cycles and seasons of life.

If your times with God are dictated by the circumstances of your life, that means you do not seek God when all is well, trouble then becomes the incentive for His presence.
Such a person and such a life then misses the greatest gifts His presencebrings:intimacy.

Intimacy is what births revelation.
Amos 3:7
Whatever the LORD God plans to do, he tells his servants, the prophets.
So the intents of God are revealed to men who are at His service.

Service in the kingdom must never be misconstrued to mean the busyness of ministry but a cultivated life that cherishes His presence and adopts it as a lifestyle. It was this positioning