In a world where people think they will live forever, where the innocents are killed, a World where orphans  are now slaves and widows suffering. a generation where the lives of human beings is like a normal phone memory cards.

AKWAI ALLAH ( GOD EXIST )  a song by Nikky Bills feat Hezaco is a message reminding us that of the law of cause and effect. To every life on the face of the earth we live in, whatever has beginning must one day have an end and Judgment awaits us before our Creator. Naturally, whenever we plan to do something bad, our conscience is the first judge telling us ” No ” by how our hearts beats stronger and faster than normal, signaling us that the action about to be taken will lead to unrest in our mind even after when we succeeded doing what we planned to do.

As you read this article, many people are regretting their passed actions: poisoning, murder, blackmail,
stealing, kidnapping etc. I don’t know your plans against your fellow human being but i will advise you to let go the hatred and let love lead the way, it will save you the expensive price of regret. As human beings we have this ” Ego ” self-worth ( Do you know who am I ?!! ). but that has not improve the life of anyone.

Today, millions people are brainwashed by fake teachings from their Ancestors, Leaders and even by Religious leaders, I use to think that the error exist only in my Faith as a Christian until my biological mother who is a Muslim, Hajiya Maryam Isa  shared a verse with me from the Holy Quran : Suratal Nisa’i verses 79. I was shocked at how many people are buried in ignorance. In the Holy Bible, Galatians 6: 3-8 is one of my every day guide to a peaceful life.
When people are involved in an auto crash accident, we rush to help the victims regardless of their Tribes, Religion or the region which they came from, that’s the real humanity in action. But in a situation where we hate and kill ourselves, then we are opening a bigger door for more unrest, ambush and generational calamities.

Dear reader, the chorus of the song says:

God exist, he know us all.
you can deceive people but you can’t deceive him.
Death is a cloth that every living soul must wear.
Children, Adult, Poor and the Rich, it spare no One!

This is not a new message, you’ve heard such before, one who is ignorant is far better than he or she who is enlighten and refuse to do the right thing, keep in mind that whatever you sow what you shall reap and reaping comes with multiple effects. you don’t get a maize by sowing a seed, you get a bunch of it. So what are you planning to sow from now? you may disagree with all that is written inthis article but keep in mind that this principle is unbreakable, i don’t want you to try it, it’s already working. My last line of advise is: we have passed the message, regret is when situation or condition is irreversible
please don’t be a victim, what you don’t wish for yourself, don’t it for others, they are human being like you, Thank you.